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We have put together a short list of other informational websites that students and ex-students may find helpful.

Fast two-year diploma programs are perfect for students that can't spend four years in college, you can get your associate's degree online in much less time. Study business, accounting, healthcare, criminal justice and more.

If you're into the law, get your legal office assistant diploma and get started with a job at a law firm or federal agency.

Kaplan is the most well-known test prep site on the Web.
This is a quick education reference site that can help you decide on a future career field and find a school maybe a big university to get you there. for a career in law enforcement, criminology or legal at a campus near you or at an online criminal justice school.

One of greatest fields to work in is the engineering field. Trained, experienced engineers are in constant demand. Graduating with a bachelor's degree in engineering from one of the top mechanical or structural engineering schools is a great way to start your work life.

Your business credit card to help fund your business. Get a credit card to help finance and operate your student-run small business.

Students can save some money on car insurance by obtaining several different insurance quotes fast. Get a quick auto insurance quote online in minutes. Take a moment to see if you can save some cash.

Cars and your used car financing - and your next auto loan online. You aren't dependent upon just your local bank or car dealer any longer.

Got credit card debt problems? can help. Find a solution to having heavy credit card or other unsecured debt problems. Find a simple solution to your credit woes.

A good free and unsecured card for someone with not-so-good credit. This site offers listings of banks and online card offers. You can find just the right card for your lifestyle.

Individual credit report repair is a long, ongoing task, but it works. Find a company to repair your credit, or find out how to fix your credit yourself.

Instant and reputable credit report and see your credit report online instantly.

Small business credit card opportunities are for you if you operate a small business while you're attending classes, make sure you keep your finances straight by using a business card dedicated to your business expenses and another card just for your personal expenses.

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